How to Exterminate Cockroaches

cockroachAmong the underestimated pests are cockroaches which pose great effects to both human health and their environment. As a threat to human health, cockroaches are known to be disease causing and transfer organisms. They enable the transmission of pathogens, a disease causing bacteria, that poisons human food through contamination of both the food and the utensils through which these food are prepared.

Cockroach effects on human health include transmission of gastrointestinal disorders and allergic reactions through triggering of asthma. Their nymphs shade off their exoskeletons that may cause asthmatic reactions when inhaled by humans. Cockroaches also may deposit their waste near food and drinks and if consumed by people, it may cause sickness. They thus may be able to transmit fatal diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A, dysentery, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps and that is why you need to call pest control Mississauga.


The 3 most effective cockroach extermination methods include:

  • Use of trap- the petroleum jelly .
  • Use of petroleum jelly is one of the methods that has proven to be a useful method of cockroach extermination in situations where long term or permanent elimination of cockroaches is required.
  • This is done by applying the petroleum jelly on the steep sides of a container and a ramp of paper that leads the cockroaches to a bait inside the container. The jelly helps trap the cockroaches that go inside the trap.
  • Using a heat gun.
  • This calls for inspection of the cockroaches colonies and then using the heat gun, the one used for stripping paints, and blasting away to their colonies. Cockroaches main colonies are always mainly in the cracked walls and under cabinets i.e. anywhere dark and
  • The heat gun makes sure that the cockroaches die instantly through suffocating and dehydration.

Using a vacuum cleaner

This is one of the 3 most effective cockroach extermination methods. It helps suck the insect inside it rather than stepping on it which could be unpleasant and messy. The vacuum cleaner should be directed to the cockroach once spotted and can also be filled with less boric acid to prevent the insects from escaping once they enter the vacuum cleaner. These are the 3 most effective cockroaches extermination methods and can be of great use if carefully administered.