The Maintenance Solution

The Maintenance Solution is a water-soluble cleaner and degreaser that has been specially designed for more difficult surface cleaning applications, and to maintain ‘Safe Solution®’ treated surfaces.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Mould Resistant
  • No film or residue
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Excellent degreaser
  • Dynamic on ceramic tile
  • Not hazardous
  • Biodegradable
  • Superior cleaner
  • Pleasant scent


Maintenance Solution vs. Other Cleaners

There are many commercial cleaners on the market. Most of these are detergent based. Detergents are effective degreasers, but leave a slippery soapy residue on the surface of the tile that is difficult to rinse away. Disinfectants (like bleach) do not remove dirt and grease at all, but simply disinfect them. The Maintenance Solution is a butyl-based cleaner. It is a degreaser and disinfectant, and it does not leave a slippery residue, thus it is a superior alternative to other commercial cleaners.

Based on one cleaning per day when purchased in 20L pails.

Recommended Uses and Dilutions

General Directions:
Use the Maintenance Solution in mop buckets, foaming devices, pressure washers, and spraying apparatus. DO NOT use undiluted. It must include water for best results. Commonly 1 Pump on a dispenser equals 1 ounce of cleaner.

Glass Cleaning — 160 To 1 Dilution
Windows; Automotive, Office & Household

Regular Duty Cleaning — 25 To 1 Dilution
Daily Ceramic Floors, Stairs, Pool Decks, Stoves, Patio Decks, Vinyl Seats & Dash, Linoleum, Tables, Desks, Countertops, Drink Machines, Fridges, Shelving, Walls, Office Equipment, Showers & Bathtubs, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Marine Decks & Hulls, Awnings, Patio Furniture & Umbrellas

Heavier Cleaning — 20 To 1 Dilution
Weekly Bathtubs & Showers, Clinics & Hospitals, Entryways, Commercial Floors, Rubber Mats, Automotive Carpets, Presoaking Pots & Pans, Garbage Containers

Heaviest Cleaning — 10 To 1 Dilution
Refrigerator Coils, Plumbing, Carpet Stains, Industrial Floors, Washrooms

Toughest Cleaning — 5 To 1 Dilution
Automotive Parts, Laundry Stains, Long -term Grease & Scum Build-Up

Pressure washer — 32 to 1 Dilution
Pre-spray then high-pressure rinse

Always follow cleaning with a thorough fresh water rinse.