Remove Mould From Bathroom Tiles

bathroom_mouldTiles are made from ceramic, metal, or rock. You may also find some which are made from wood. The problem is that regardless of what a tile is made of it can in many cases become growing ground for mould. Restoring tiles by having the mould removed, is not hard, and can be done by anyone as long as the problem is small. Don’t risk your health in larger mould problems, call in a specialist. We asked, for some tips to share with our readers and clients.

While tiles can be used everywhere in ones house, the ones that are more prone to mould are the ones in bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is usually higher. Water leaks on ceiling and walls and even un – dried water spills on a tiled floor can already lead to mould development. And this could negatively influence their function and appearance. Continue reading

Installing Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floors normally take the worst abuse as compared to any other flooring at homes. Garages have a wide variety of corrosive substances like battery acids, grease, mother oil, salt and antifreeze solutions. As a result, many people find it difficult to get a suitable garage flooring options Even though, it is straightforward to close the garage door and ignore this issue, it is vital to protect your garage’s floor similar to kitchen floors. Having a proper protection on the garage floor, helps you in keeping at bay the leaking fluids from the car which stains the garage floor and cause unbearable smell. Having an organized garage, a garage door that works and keeps the moisture out and proper flooring can really help you create a great space to work and keep your cars protected. Continue reading


The Slip Fall Dilemma

  • Every 3 minutes someone in Ontario incurs a fall related injury*
  • 2 people die from slip-falls in Ontario every day*
  • The average slip-fall accident costs the business owner $12,470** Continue reading


The Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment

What is the Safe Solution®?

The Safe Solution® is a chemical solution designed to increase traction by creating microscopic channels on the surface of the tile. Continue reading