European Tile Specialists provides expertise in the area of floor safety and tile installation.

In 1989, the British Columbia Research and Development Institute—a government research facility—developed the Safe Solution® Anti-slip Treatment for Mr. Don Dafoe, founder and President of Global Safe Technologies Inc. This was followed by the Maintenance Solution all-purpose cleaner.

Global Safe Technologies Inc. is the parent company and manufacturers of the
Safe Solution® and Maintenance Solution and have assembled a professional team of experts to ensure the growth and success of this product.

Our products have been designed specifically to address a very serious problem faced by many businesses – i.e. slip-fall accidents that can, and do, result in significant lawsuits and losses with Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance claims.

By using our products, businesses can receive significant insurance premium discounts and lower WCB rates, not to mention litigation and settlement savings. Little has been available to businesses in the way of protecting themselves against these losses until now.

We also offer the exclusive Floor Care Program which includes:

  • Safe Solution® Treatment
  • Lifetime Safety Guarantee
  • Safety Inspections
  • Legal Affidavits