The Slip Fall Dilemma

  • Every 3 minutes someone in Ontario incurs a fall related injury*
  • 2 people die from slip-falls in Ontario every day*
  • The average slip-fall accident costs the business owner $12,470**

European Tile Specialists provides expertise in the area of floor safety and tile installation.

  • Fully Customized Floor and Wall Designs
  • Floor leveling of uneven surfaces and Tile Repairs
  • Tile Floor and Wall Installation
  • Tile Countertop Installation
  • Floor Heating Systems
  • Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

Floor Care Program

Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Floor – For Life!


  • Discount on initial Safe Solution Application
  • Rejuvenation treatments
  • Lifetime Guarantee – for duration of the program
  • Maintenance Solution (Anti-Bacterial, Multi-Purpose Cleaner), designed specifically for Safe Solution treated surfaces
  • Free Quarterly Safety Inspections
  • Staff Training on proper cleaning procedures to maintain floor’s safety
  • Affidavits and Warranty Certificates in the event of a slip-fall

* Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Report, 2002
** Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, 2003